Mardi Serdang - Sistem Pengairan dan Fertigasi bersepadu IOT

Mardi Serdang - Sistem Pengairan dan Fertigasi bersepadu IOT

Overview - IOT Irrigation & Fertigation System (Mardi Serdang)

Flow Solution developed an IoT system for MARDI's pilot agriculture plant in Serdang. The system uses LORA wireless technology for soil sensors that can be moved flexibly around the land, and a Siemens PLC S7-1200 with IO modules to collect wired signals. Faraday Instrument's IoT gateway is used to convert signals to the Google Firebase cloud. The system is monitored using the IOTVIEW Monitoring Dashboard.

System Layout


Things used in this project

Hardware Components

IOT Panel c/w lora wireless gateway
Faraday Instruments FL407 - Lora 7 in 1 Soil Sensors
Dayuan DST50-125/4 - Booster Pump
Faraday Instruments - 1” 2-way Actuator Valves
Faraday Instruments - 2” 2-way Actuator Valves
Dosing Pump
Electrode Level Sensors
Water Intake Actuator Valve

Software apps and online services

IOTVIEW.IO Monitoring Dashboard


The Malaysia Agricultural Research and Development Institute abbreviated MARDI, is a government body in Malaysia under Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry. They were looking for an IOT solution for their pilot agriculture plant in Serdang for a 3 year pilot project.


360 Video

Lora Wireless Technology Soil Sensors

Long Range of soil sensors

The plot of land for this pilot project is about 2-3 acres in size. MARDI wanted the soil sensors to be mobilised flexibly for their R&D purposes. We have proposed and implemented LORA wireless technology which has a range of 2-5km (open area) and can be connected to at least 100 more sensors.

Movability and Flexibility of soil sensors

The soil sensors can now be moved around anywhere around the land anytime without the need to modify the infrastructure.

Ultra-Low power

The ultra-low powered lora module enables the battery powered lora FL407 to have a battery life of 3-5 years.

IOT Panel


Siemens PLC S7-1200 together with IO modules is used to collect wired signals including pump status, actuator valves status and tank water level status.

IOT gateway

Faraday Instrument’s IOT gateway is used to convert the signals from PLC and LoraWAN to the google firebase cloud.

Online Dashboard - IOTVIEW.IO


IOTVIEW Monitoring Dashboard is a comprehensive solution for managing your IOT devices and assets.