Durian Orchard - Bentong

Durian Orchard - Bentong

Overview - Durian Orchard IOT System (Bentong)

Flow Solution's Durian Orchard in Bentong, Pahang uses IoT technology to monitor soil conditions and gate status. The orchard has 128 trees and a natural stream and lake. Faraday Instruments FL407 7-in-1 soil sensors provide a comprehensive view of soil conditions, while LORA wireless technology enables the sensors to be moved around the land and have a range of 2-5km. Magnetic gate sensors monitor the open or close status of the main gate. The IOTVIEW Monitoring Dashboard is used to manage the IoT devices and assets.

System Layout


Things used in this project

Hardware Components

IOT Panel c/w lora wireless gateway
Faraday Instruments FL407 - Lora 7 in 1 Soil Sensors
Dayuan DST50-125/4 - Booster Pump
Magnetic Door Sensor

Software apps and online services

IOTVIEW.IO Monitoring Dashboard


Phase 1 - 128 trees, 4 acres

4 acres durian orchard in Bentong, Pahang has just planted 128 3-years old Malaysia infamous king of fruits, Musang King. The durian orchard situated beside main road, has a natural stream and a lake. TNB electricity and JBA water supply is ready.

Phase 2 - 128 trees, 4 acres

360 Video

Lora Wireless Technology

Soil Sensors (7 in 1)

10 units Faraday Instruments FL407, 7-in-1 soil sensors provide a comprehensive view of soil conditions, including temperature, humidity, pH, and more. With this information, farmers can make informed decisions about irrigation, fertilizer application, and other important factors that affect crop health.


Long Range of soil sensors

We have proposed and implemented LORA wireless technology which has a range of 2-5km (open area) and can be connected to at least 100 more sensors.

Movability and Flexibility of soil sensors

The soil sensors can now be moved around anywhere around the land anytime without the need to modify the infrastructure.

Ultra-Low power

The ultra-low powered lora module enables the battery powered lora FL407 to have a battery life of 3-5 years.

Soil Tension Sensors

1 unit soil tension sensor is deployed. It is used to monitor the moisture content of soil. It is a valuable tool for farmers to ensure that their crops are receiving the optimal amount of water.


Gate Sensors

Magnetic Gate Sensors is used to monitor the open or close status of the main gate.




IOTVIEW Monitoring Dashboard is a comprehensive solution for managing your IOT devices and assets.