Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater Harvesting System

Overview - IOT Rainwater Harvesting System

This project describes a rainwater harvesting system implemented by Flow Solution. The system collects rainwater in a tank and uses electrode level sensors to toggle between incoming water supply and rainwater. Lora wireless technology is used to transmit data to a centralized LoRaWAN gateway, and Siemens PLC S7-1200 and IO modules are used to collect wired signals. Faraday Instrument's IOT gateway is used to convert signals to the Google Firebase cloud, and IOTVIEW.IO is used for monitoring.

System Layout


Things used in this project

Hardware Components

per wharf office

IOT Panel c/w lora wireless gateway
rainwater collection tank c/w Electrode Level Sensors
Waterco W250 Filter
Grundfos Booster Pump
Faraday Instruments - ½” 2-way Actuator Valves
Faraday Instruments - 1” 2-way Actuator Valves
Faraday Instruments - 3-ways Actuator Valves
UPVC pipings and fittings

Software apps and online services

IOTVIEW.IO Monitoring Dashboard


This project is part of the initiative of the client to digitalise the facilities assets in the port. We installed upvc pipings, gutters & fittings to collect rainwater in to a rainwater tank and be consumed for the toilets usage. 3-ways actuator valves are used to toggle the intake of the water between SAJ incoming supply and rainwater triggered by the electrode level sensors in the rainwater tank.


Lora Wireless Technology

Long Range

The distances between the wharf offices are 200-300m apart, lora technologies are implemented to transmit data to a centralised LoRaWAN gateway which has internet connection. Thus, reducing the OPEX of the client by reducing the internet connection cost.

IOT Panel


Siemens PLC S7-1200 together with IO modules is used to collect wired signals including pump status, actuator valves status and tank water level status.

IOT gateway

Faraday Instrument’s IOT gateway is used to convert the signals from PLC and LoraWAN to the google firebase cloud.



IOTVIEW Monitoring Dashboard is a comprehensive solution for managing your IOT devices and assets.